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A well-placed, professionally taken photograph can transform your website or printed materials. Finding creative commercial photography in Manchester and Cheshire can help you to grab and hold customer attention, and even make the difference in lost sales or ‘sealing the deal’. Did you know that good images can increase interest in reading written content by a massive 80%?

eCommerce photography is now crucial to online success

Modern consumers place a high value on images and demand to see strong visual content before they buy. Online images can inform, educate and influence. They are the currency of modern communication, and they are as important to e-commerce as the words you use. If you need proof, just look at the way social media platforms are constantly expanding the opportunities to upload and share imagery, including impactful product photography.

In some trade sectors, good commercial photography is vital to business growth. Fashion photography that shows your lines and items off to the best effect has a direct correlation with sales success. Restaurants and retailers rely on food photography to underpin their digital marketing.

Finding the right location, service or product photography

Not all commercial photographers in Manchester and Cheshire ‘get it’. You need to contact CODE4 if you want an expert and creative eye – the ability to use commercial photography for ‘storytelling’ and brand positioning. This includes e-commerce photography that offers excellent UX and lead conversion potential.

Why is CODE4 the best option for business photography?

We are a results-driven digital marketing agency who fully appreciates that no image is ‘just’ a photograph. Commissioning commercial photography with us provides you with visual content that intrigues, attracts, influences and informs viewers. All with the ultimate aim of reaching your business goals.

For more information on how CODE4 views the world of business – including fashion, food, product and location photography – fill out our no-obligation enquiry form. It could be the first step to commissioning visual content that gets your message across, brilliantly.