Case Study: Cheshire Roofing

Aims & Objectives

Cheshire Roofing are a roofing contractor in Macclesfield. They got in touch with us due to our work with similar businesses within the area.

Their only objective was to generate enough enquiries in order to help them build their business.

At the time of getting in touch with us, they had no online visibility and a very small budget to work with, however we remained confident that we could quickly produce a ROI.

Here’s how we did it.


Cheshire Roofing

The new website. It just had to work!

The design had to remain simple. The budget was spent on functionality, content and SEO. The website had to be responsive due to 70% of their audience using mobile devices when looking for local roofing contractors. We also had to focus on SEO during the build so that when we launched their website, we would give the site the very best chance to appear organically for local search terms.

We delivered.

Cheshire Roofing

The results. We didn't have to wait long!

It took just 3 weeks to deliver and launch this website. It then took only 2 weeks for the website to pay for itself. Our client was delighted with the start and was starting to really understand the value of our services, our experience and our focus on results. The website continues to perform well and generates an average of 18-25 enquiries every month.

All marketing for Cheshire Roofing is now dealt with by CODE4.