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There’s nothing more frustrating than coming up with fresh and compelling content that attracts little attention. Unfortunately, this is a problem that many marketing professionals face in today’s tough digital environment.

Putting out great content is, of course, a vital part of any successful marketing strategy. However, it is only one component of the puzzle. To drive traffic and, ultimately sales, companies must ensure that their content reaches a high number of relevant customers.

If you’re struggling to spread the word about your fantastic brand, we’re here to help. Regardless of your sector, our PR experts in Cheshire & Staffordshire will be able to help increase your website traffic, push up your social media mentions and drive brand awareness by coming up with a detailed communication strategy.

By enlisting our help, you could even see your company on the pages of various high-profile media/news outlets.

PR Services

PR Influence.

Your target audience is more likely to trust and respond to objective news stories than any other form of advertising.

PR Reach.

The right story told in the right way is likely to be reported on by multiple news/media outlets, creating a much larger audience.

PR Impact.

The benefits of a positive PR story often outweigh the cost and usually includes very sought after digital marketing by-product.

Influencer Marketing

Once thought of as the domain of fashion brands, influencer marketing is quickly becoming an integral part of digital advertising across a variety of sectors. Indeed, the numbers speak for themselves. Around half of online shoppers now rely on influencers to help them make retail decisions, and influencer marketing has been shown to yield a return on investment that is around 16 times more lucrative than traditional forms of marketing.

But how do you make most of the influencers? Ultimately, this pioneering form of marketing entails sourcing some of the most powerful online names in your sector. They also need to have large social media followings that fit into your target demographic.

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help partner your brand with top-quality influencers, as well offer invaluable advice on the kind of content you should be disseminating through them. Although the world of influencer marketing may seem alien at first, we’re here to help guide you through it in a language that makes sense.



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