Oscillate Recordings

Oscillate Recordings


Oscillate Recording Studio got in touch as they wanted to improve the performance of their website and improve the user experience by delivering the pages much much quicker. We ran multiple page speed tests on each individual page and significantly improved the load times (without page caching), optimised images, loaded YouTube videos on click rather than load, cleared console errors and more. Only then did we boost the performance further by adding page caching.

The services provided by Code4 Digital include CRO and Page Speed Optimisation.


Their home page had some major load issues and the tools used to measure page load times benchmarked with “Took too long to load”. Following our work, the page loaded within 1.8s.

Their Music Showreel page (Soundcloud) loaded in 12.1s. Following our work, the page loaded within 1.3s.

Their Video Showreel page (YouTube) loaded in 12.2s. Following our work, the page loaded within 1.2s.


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