Tailored SEO Services For Accountants


If you are an Accountant looking to generate more leads through your website, then SEO can play an important in driving that growth.

Setting realistic targets for your SEO campaign will help you build growth and deliver results sooner. For example, if you have a brand-new accountancy website and domain, but you set your targets to rank on page 1 of Google for the most competitive keywords at a national level, then it will take a lot of time and effort before you start seeing the returns. In this scenario, you would be better to target local/regional traffic and build up from there.

However, if your accountancy firms website is already well established but not performing as well as you would expect it to, then it’s likely that you will need to refer your site to a technical SEO team to analyse. 

Whatever your reason for seeking help with your SEO, CODE4 is the digital marketing agency for you. We help a range of businesses both big and small drive organic traffic, harness leads and improve conversion rates.

Technical SEO Audits & Health Checks

Our Technical SEO Programmers will carry out a full detailed technical SEO site audit and identify all issues that are working against you. These issues will then be addressed within your SEO delivery plan.

SEO Backlink Audit & Monitoring

Websites with over 2 years of history will require a full technical backlink audit in order to identify any issues that are causing your pages to be downgraded. We’ll then decide if a disavow is required.

Wayback SEO Domain History Audits

In order for us to understand the current position of your site, we first need to understand the journey of your domain. Our SEO team will analyse this data and add tasks to your SEO delivery plan where required.

Advanced Crawling & Indexing Audits

Many SEO agencies still don’t know how to fully analyse your site crawl properly. Our technical SEO experts use all of the data available in order to understand the Googlebot crawl and index process.

SEO Keyword Research & Mapping

Now that your site is in a position to perform at a higher level, we’ll carry out keyword research with estimated monthly traffic volumes and map these to target pages on your website.

Technical On-Page SEO Audit

Each target page will be analysed/scored separately and required keyword optimisation techniques will be used that work in today’s landscape.



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