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Website Maintenance Services

Website maintenance is essential for any business, whether you are self-employed or part of a multinational company. Not only will your security be improved, but your site traffic will be boosted, meaning your site is more visible. Maintaining your website also optimises your visitor’s experience, meaning they’re less likely to go to any competitors.

Whether your maintenance needs involve maintaining the design, features, or retrospective aspects, our experts at Code 4 Design can provide support at every step, ensuring that each decision is beneficial to your business.

Our services specialise in WordPress and Magento platforms, and our expert website maintenance packages are a leading solution for all types of business. We offer a simple pre-built package, meaning that the hard work is already done. Just get in touch, and we can get you started. If you’re looking for something more specific, you can request a quote from us for a bespoke package.

For more information about our packages or our website maintenance cost, don’t hesitate to contact Code 4 Design, or fill in the online form found on our website.

Plugin Updates

Keep your plugins up to date. Many updates contain security patches for newly identified vulnerabilities.

Security Patches

Protect your website and it's data by ensuring that security patches are quickly identified and installed.


Upgrade to the latest version of your CMS/PHP ensuring that your website continues to work as it should.

Page Speed

Identify slow loading pages and deploy optimisation techniques to serve your pages much faster.


Add new features, plugins, create new pages and anything else your business requires.


Use session data to drive your conversion rate optimisation activity and improve your conversion rate.